Stress Management

10 recognized tools for peace of mind

For companies, teams and individuals
looking to improve productivity and creativity
by using elements of yoga, meditation and pathworking

If you and your employees

  • suffer from stress and internal tension
  • experience difficulties sleeping or simply lack energy
  • have difficulties dealing with everyday challenges
  • are faced with particular life crises

and therefore struggle to achieve optimal performance and creativity levels or are often sick...

... I can help by providing you with the tools and relaxation methods for

  • restored inner serenity and peace of mind
  • improved energy levels and motivation
  • enhanced sense of self-awareness and self-worth
  • improved ability to determine and utilize newly gained perspectives

In small groups

of up to 15 participants; you will be given the tools to recognize individual stress factors and learn to practice methods for improved stress management leading to enhanced peace of mind, self-confidence and the ability to live your life and work to the fullest by empowering you with strength, energy and understanding

1 x 2-hour session per week
16 appointments over 4 months
price available upon request
dates to be announced
booking available as online or in-house seminar
available in both English and German

Michaela Stephan

After more than 20 years' experience in challenging international business management positions and acquiring numerous relaxation and self-discovery methods, such as yoga, meditation and pathworking, as well as spiritual Aboriginal methods, I have developed effective methods for the recognition of stress factors and solutions to free yourself of fears and inner tensions allowing new paths to be discovered and taken.

»Michaela has extraordinary experience and empathy. She does not only speak our language, but also knows her way around the world of management. With great sensitivity, she guided us through various approaches that can be directly implemented in practice. The workshop helped me a lot to see my work with more serenity.«

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